About Laura

I am, first and foremost, a wife to my husband. It is my mission in life to become the very best life partner for which my husband could ever ask or seek. I am also mother to two grown children, Michelle and David, who are out making their own way in the world.

I was born in California and grew up bouncing around the United States. My husband and I have lived in several areas of North Carolina since we married, most recently in Asheville where we ran a small real estate team. The Asheville area has mountains and valleys and waters and forests; and some of the best views! Of course, I may be biased. We found the absolute BEST church family when we first moved to Asheville (again, I may be biased). They have prayed and loved us through some very difficult times, like when my dad passed away a few years ago; I was devastated. And again when my mom passed a few years later. We are very grateful for each one of them. We really are so very blessed.

Our lives have been rather like a hurricane passing through, and then a settling calm. Press repeat. God has a unique and fabulous way of moving us through life. He makes His desires to be our desires. He changes us to become more like He is. And sometimes, He uproots us from everything we know, literally, and moves us half way around the world. To Portugal. So many questions. But all will be revealed in His time. Ours is not to question why, but to obey our Master in love and faith. That’s all He asks of any of us.  

Whether you’re in the desert, on a tropical island, or in your own home town… a storm is as disturbing in one place as another. And God’s peace is just as comforting. Where you stand geographically makes no difference, except in your wardrobe. Where you stand with God makes ALL the difference. Do you know where you stand? If you don’t, it’s time for some serious prayer. If you’re not where you should be, God will help you get there. Just be willing to take the next step.

To be able to serve in this prayer ministry and help encourage and support other ministries all over the world is just an amazing opportunity to serve God.  And lately, I have begun to receive requests to speak at women’s conferences. That is something I never saw myself doing. But God. I am humbled and honored to be of service. May God guide my footsteps, my thoughts, and my words. And yours too.