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We do seek the Lord for His guidance before accepting any invitations to travel to our Partner Ministries. We do not take lightly the charge and responsibility that God has given to us to go in love and encourage these ministries and those in the surrounding areas. We would love to be able to visit all of our Partner Ministries annually, but we have learned that we must go to the ministries God has chosen for us to visit, at the time He has chosen for us, and that we must also do so in the Way that He has directed us. This ensures that all goes according to His plan and we are safe and protected beneath His wings.

Please make note of these events and make a commitment to pray for us daily. We will be posting trip updates on the Blog post page, so go over and take a look for what is happening on the ground!

September/October 2022

After a long break after the Covid-19 outbreak, we are finally able to begin traveling once again. I cannot express how excited we are by this opportunity! In September and October Mark is traveling to India, and then to Nepal. Leaving Lisbon, Portugal on September 13 and traveling to Hyderabad, India.  Then on October 10 traveling to Nepalgung, Nepal, arriving on October 11.  We are excited that Kevin Schwartz of The Church at Asheville in Asheville, NC, USA will be joining Mark in Nepalgung on the 11th.

View the India/Nepal itinerary below:

12 Travel to Lisbon, Portugal
13 Flight from Lisbon to London, England
14 Flight from London to Hyderabad, India
15 Meeting at 6pm Pastor Emmanuel, Laxmipuram
16 Visit Leprosy Center, Marchala
17 AM Visit Leprosy Health Center, Nolgonda
       PM Meeting at 6pm Pastor Salman, Dondavarigudem
18 AM Sunday Service Pastor Yacob, Kamepally
       PM Visit Orphanage and Old Age Home, Thallagada
19 AM Meeting Pastor Comeli, Chityala
       PM Visit Laura’s Orphanage, Tripuraram
20 Pastors “FIRE” Conference, Miryalaguda
21-22 Visiting Tribal Area, Devarakonda
23 Visit Widows Families, Miryalaguda
24 Travel to Khammam
25 Sunday Service Pastor Kumar, Khammam
26 AM Visiting Families, Khammam
       PM Prayer Meeting, Khammam
27 AM Visiting Families, Khammam
       PM Meeting Pastor Kumar, Khammam
28 AM Rest
       PM Pastors Conference, Khammam
29 AM Visiting Families, Khammam
       PM Rest
30 Travel to Bangalore
1 PM Prayer Meeting Pastor Kumar, Bangalore
2 Sunday Service, Bangalore
3 Travel back to Khammam
4 Rest
5 PM Meeting Pastor Ludia, Khammam
6 AM Pastors Fellowship , ​Khammam
7 AM Meeting in Village near Khammam
8 AM Rest
    PM Prayer with Kumar Family, Khammam
9 Sunday Service Pastor Prakeshem, Khammam
10 Travel to Nepal

11 Arrival in Nepalgung, Nepal
12 Pastor Arjun, Botechaur Chinchu
13 Pastor Omalal, Salyan
14 Surkhet Phinikada
15 Pastor Karan, Bardiya
16 Pastor Amar, Bardiya
17 Pastors Nock, Sanoshree

November 2022

In November this year Mark is traveling to Pakistan. He leaves Portugal on November 1 and will be in Pakistan until November 29.  You may remember that our first trip to Pakistan (and only trip to date) was in January 2020, immediately prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, Pakistan was in the process of closing it’s borders when Mark boarded an airplane bound for the US. We are blessed that he was able to go and spend time with so many pastors that he has grown to know and love for nearly a month, and again that he was able to return home before the country was completely locked down. This year we are looking forward to seeing many of the same pastors again, to see their progress in the faith, to encourage and strengthen them, and to minister alongside them to their people.  November travel itinerary below.

  • 10/31 Train to Lisbon
  • 11/1 1:35 pm Depart Lisbon for Lahore via Dubai 
  • 11/2 8:00 am Arrive in Lahore
  • 11/3 Rest
  • 11/4 6:00pm Meeting for Pst. Afzal (LHR)
  • 11/5 6:00pm Meeting for Pst. Gill (LHR)
  • 11/6 9:00am Meeting for Pst. Shafique (LHR)
  • 11/6 2:00pm Meeting for Pst Iqbal (PATOKEY)
  • 11/7 7:00pm Meeting for Pst Shafique (LHR)
  • 11/8 6:00pm Meeting for Pst Laiqat (LHR)
  • 11/9 6:00pm Meeting for Pst John (LHR)
  • 11/10 10:00am Meeting for Pst Paul (LHR)
  • 11/11 6:00pm Meeting for Pst Bhatti (LHR)
  • 11/12 6:00pm Meeting for Pst Barat (LHR)
  • 11/13 8:00am Meeting for Pst Fahker (SLKT)
  • 11/14 REST
  • 11/15 REST
  • 11/16 REST
  • 11/17 6:00pm Meeting for Pst Rashid (LHR)
  • 11/18 2:00pm Meeting for Pst Nadeem (FLB)
  • 11/18 6:00pm Meeting for Pst Zaki (FLB)
  • 11/19 10:00am Meeting for Pst Samuel (FLB)
  • 11/19 6:00pm Meeting for Pst Saad (FLB)
  • 11/20 10:00am Meeting for Pst Naz (FLB)
  • 11/21 REST
  • 11/22 REST
  • 11/23 REST
  • 11/24 REST
  • 11/25 6:00pm Meeting for Pst Rhemet LHR)
  • 11/26 6:00pm Meeting for Br Anosh (LHR)
  • 11/27 10:00am Meeting for Pst R. Bhatti (LHR)
  • 11/28 REST
  • 11/29 Depart Lahore for Lisbon via Dubai 3:30am
  • 11/29 Arrive in Lisbon 12:00pm
  • 11/29 Train to Lagos
  • (LHR) – Lahore
  • (FLB) Faisalabad 
  • (SLKT) Sailkat