Home Early

Monday and Tuesday we had a complete days of rest, no meetings, which was much needed after having five (5) meetings in three (3) days in Faisalabad plus travel from Lahore and back. We slept late and we rested and took a lot of naps, which was well deserved, I think, after such a busy Read More

Pizza Party!

Yesterday was a complete day of rest. There were no programs, and we were able to really rest. We slept late and we took naps. It was much needed. We did have a pizza party here last night. Believe it or not, here in Pakistan, we had a pizza party! Today we have a meeting Read More

Christian School

Yesterday we had a meeting at the school that brother Anosh Yaqoob runs. It’s called RCS, Redeemer Christian School. They have one hundred (100) students, and ten (10) teachers. Anosh and his wife, Noreen, run the school together, and they both teach classes as well. So we went there and had a meeting for the Read More

Wedding and Reception

Yesterday was essentially a rest day because we didn’t have a service, but we did have a full day. First, we went to visit Rev. Yousaf Bhatti’s family. Rev. Yousaf is one of our Paraklesis pastors, and we’ve known him for about twenty years. When he was a young man, he came to North Carolina Read More