It’s a Brand New Year

I know it’s already the end of April, but it’s a brand new and exciting year for us here at Paraklesis Ministries and we just wanted to share some of what God is doing in our lives. Last summer our personal business was floundering and we could not figure out why. Sometimes God uses natural Read More


God blows me away. Now that the dust has settled on this year’s trips to India and Nepal and my personal clock has finally been reset to normal, I’ve had time to do some reflection. Not only to reflect on the awesome things God did while we were there but to see how God’s been Read More


Well it’s that time of year again. We’ve spent the first several months of the year praying for and encouraging these amazing men and women of God and now it’s time to go and minister alongside some of them. A week from now I will be on a plane to India. Once I get there Read More


These last few years traveling for Paraklesis to meet and work with the men and women that we pray for on a daily basis have been amazing. I am inspired, emboldened and humbled every time I go. The people I’ve met, the incredible moves of God that I’ve seen, and their dedication to God are Read More

The Trouble With Travel

One of the great joys and blessings of having this ministry that God has given me is being able to travel and visit the ministers that God has given us to pray for and encourage. Being able to finally attach an actual person to a name on Facebook is great. I get the chance to Read More

August 2017 Trip to India

My trip to India this year was amazing once again. I was hoping and praying that the trip wasn’t going to continue like it started out. My GPS kept “re-routing” me through Atlanta to “avoid traffic” and “save time” and I almost missed my flight. It turned into a blessing, however, when everyone was seated Read More

God of Earth and Outer Space

Growing up in the church there were songs in our hymnal that I always thought were weird, unusable or just didn’t belong. One of those songs is entitled “God of Earth and Outer Space”. The tune wasn’t very singable and the lyrics seemed off the wall and very 70’s centric to me. Even during my Read More

The Common Thread

What an incredible blessing and honor God has bestowed on me to have been able to travel to different parts of the world as His ambassador. I have been immersed in many different cultures that are so vastly different from my own. I have experienced the incredible hospitality of God’s people from Asia to Africa Read More

August 2016 Trip to Africa

Please be in prayer for my trip to Africa in August.  I will be travelling to Ghana and Uganda.  This is my first trip to these countries and I am very excited about meeting our ministry partners in person. Read More