Home Early

Monday and Tuesday we had a complete days of rest, no meetings, which was much needed after having five (5) meetings in three (3) days in Faisalabad plus travel from Lahore and back. We slept late and we rested and took a lot of naps, which was well deserved, I think, after such a busy schedule. I’m glad that we had the down time because we were exhausted.

I’ve mentioned that the worship teams here have been really strong, in almost every place that we’ve gone, and it’s been such a blessing to me and to the congregation to be ushered into the presence of the Holy Spirit and prepared to receive the word of God. And that made me think about how we humans, being so different, can experience this kinship, because we are of the same Spirit, the Spirit of God. Everything about worship here is different from what I’m used to; and the fact that everything is different is the same everywhere I go. Different countries, different languages, different music, different ways, different customs, but at the same time, the same Spirit is present with us. The Holy Spirit that guides and directs them is the same Holy Spirit that guides and directs us. He is not English speaking, or Urdu speaking, or Telegu speaking or Uganda speaking or Spanish speaking or Portuguese speaking. He is none of those. This unity that the Holy Spirit brings allows me to have brothers and sisters everywhere I go and have a kinship with them no matter what our differences. He has created this amazing family all over the world, and they are my family, and they are your family, because we are God’s family.

It’s been a true blessing to be here, as it’s been a blessing for all of the trips I was able to take this year. I praise God that He has allowed me to travel again. We’ll see what happens for the future, but this year I’m definitely praising God because He sent me to be with all these wonderful people. So there are my thoughts on that, and I will send pictures of fellowship times and travel times and cute children and just different things like that that maybe didn’t make it into the other pictures that we’ve sent based on the services and stuff that we’ve done.

One final note, well two. First, this post is very late because I was advised by one of the senior pastors not to make these posts public while I am still in country for the sake of my safety. So, I have held off any additional posting until now. And second, you may remember that ex-prime minister Imran Khan was shot the day I arrived in Pakistan. He had arranged, and was participating in, protests to try to get elections moved to an earlier date, if I understand correctly. Anyway, he was only wounded and was out of the hospital in one or two days, but the protests continued for several more days. Last week, it was announced that he had called for the protests to begin again on Saturday the 26th. At the same time the current prime minister and his family have left the country. There is speculation that another attempt may be made on the ex-prime ministers’ life. If this happens, especially if they are successful in their attempt to assassinate the ex-prime minister, the country would likely spin into turmoil. The current prime minister may become a target for retaliation, which is probably why he and his family left the country. If this happens, the government will close the borders. Therefore, my host advised me to go home early. Fortunately, I was able to reschedule my travel plans and come home several days early. I arrived safely late Friday and have been mostly resting and recovering from several weeks of ministry.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers. May God bless you abundantly.