A Muslim Mulla Joins the Service

Today, Saturday, we are still here in Faisalabad. We started out the morning at Pastor Samuel John’s church, Real Divine Church Ministry of Pakistan. Pastor Samuel came to us by Shalom Oasis Church, and originally by John Suddrey, who ministered in his church at least three (3) times. I’m not sure when he was here last, but, that is how I came to know him and arrange this meeting with him since I was coming to this area.

It was good to meet Pastor Samuel; it was as if we had known each other for a long time. There was a real connection there. We ministered in his church, and I preached on true worship and what that means, that we worship God with our whole lives and not just through music on Sundays, and how to turn every aspect of your life over to Jesus. Then I ministered to the crowd through prayer. I prayed for healing for several people. I had them all pray in the Spirit, and I prayed in the Spirit that the Lord would meet their needs as I prayed for each one individually. The Holy Spirit was heavy, you could feel the presence of the Lord in that place, and it was a real blessing for me and for them.

Afterwards, we had a good lunch and fellowship with Pastor Samuel and his family. His church is actually in the downstairs part of his home, so we just went upstairs to have lunch. He shared part of his testimony with us, which was pretty amazing. He said that for most of his life he had lived a very sinful life using drugs and alcohol and many other things. He was put in prison for six (6) months between 2014-2015. He said it was while he was in prison that God got his attention, and he gave his life to Jesus and began working towards the ministry right away. He started going to bible college as soon as he got out of prison in 2015. Then he started his church in 2017, and graduated bible college in 2019. God has really blessed him since then in many different ways.

He asked for prayer that God would provide the rest of the building that he lives in. Right now the space for his church is very narrow and very long and it’s a small space. You could barely move in there because of all the people. So he asked for prayer for the building, well it’s an extension to the building, that he lives in so he could have a larger space for his church. Anyway, I enjoyed getting to know them. Afterwards we went back to the guest house to rest before going to the next meeting.

The next meeting was for Bishop Farooq Saad, who is a Paraklesis pastor. His church is called the New Life of Orphan’s Childrens Ministries. We had tea before the service, and Bishop Farooq gave me a little bit of his testimony. He also had led a very sinful life, using drugs and alcohol, and it had really messed up his internal organs. He was having a lot of physical problems and he was in a bad place. His older brother, Pastor Shamaun Saad, led him to Jesus, and he began serving Him from that point. That was eight years ago. Now he has a good size church, and they work with a Christian television network to produce television shows. The network is one of the larger, possibly the largest, Christian television networks in Pakistan, called Isaac TV. Pastor Shamaun works in the ministry with Bishop Farooq and runs the television ministry, so we got to see the studio where they film the television shows. It was a blessing to be able to see that, and also to get to know him a little bit better.

On the way to the church, after tea, we stopped and prayed for healing for a man who is on his death bed. You’ll see a picture of him. Then once we were at the church, there was the worship and the honoring ceremony, that’s where they put the flowers and things on people. And I thought this was neat, a Muslim Mulla came in, two of them actually. And he’s the one that came up and put the flower garland on me. Then I preached the message with boldness, and I preached about the Kingdom of God and the promise of heaven, and I was just very straight forward with what I preached, and they both stayed and listened to the whole sermon. Afterwards he came up and hugged me, and not just a cursory hug, but he held onto me for a little while. So, I’m hoping that it struck a chord with him and he becomes a believer. He’s quite an old man, you’ll see that in the pictures. But that was an interesting and unique thing that happened last night.

I also talked about staying focused on God, and not letting the world distract you from fulfilling the mandate that God gave us in Matthew 28; what we refer to as the great commission. Afterwards, Pastor Shamaun told me that it was a special blessing because that message also talks about the fact that it’s not just the pastors’ job to share the gospel, but it’s everyone’s job, as mandated in the great commission in Matthew 28 and in Acts 1:8. After the sermon I prayed, but instead of praying for individuals they had me pray one healing prayer for everybody. So, I prayed for healing and provision over the entire congregation. It was a powerful service.

When service was over, we went to Pastor Shabaz’s house for a meal. His wife prepared a lovely meal and it was very enjoyable, a very good meal and time of fellowship. We had a little bit of time of praise and worship. His son Joseph, who has acted as my photographer for the last several days which I greatly appreciate, played the drums. And Pastor Amir, who I’ve mentioned, played an instrument and sang, and everybody joined in the singing. Pastor Amir and his family have a business providing transportation for people, so he’s our driver, but he’s also been a whole lot more than that. He’s been a worshipper, and that’s what he did last night and also a couple of times during the services. He is a prayer warrior, and, well he has just filled a lot of roles during this trip, and it’s been a real blessing to get to know him.

That put us back at the guest house a little past midnight.

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