Two Meetings in Faisalabad

We left early today for Faisalabad, which, praise God, was only a three and a half (3 ½) hour trip instead of the four (4) to five (5) hour trip that we were expecting. We were all very pleased about that. Rev. Baber and his wife Aneela, and Pastor Amer, who is also our driver, also came with me. We are staying at a Christian guest house in Faisalabad. It’s kind of in the city but it’s behind high walls and gates so you don’t really notice the surroundings outside the walls. It’s a very peaceful atmosphere here in the guest house, which makes you feel safe. Inside there is a living room, and kitchen, and three (3) bedrooms, so we each have our own room. It’s very nice.

We had two meetings today, so it was a long day. When we arrived in Faisalabad, we met up with Pastor Shabaz (Zaki). The first church we went to is Pastor Faisal’s church. But this was actually an arrangement for one of the other pastors, Pastor Nadeem Rasti, who is a Paraklesis pastor. Pastor Nadeem doesn’t have a church building, and we were supposed to have a meeting for him near a city called Toba Tek Singh, but that city is not safe, and he wanted to have the meeting outside of town, which is even less safe. So, Rev. Baber worked it out with him so that he would bring his church members to Faisalabad and meet in Pastor Faisal’s church. Pastor Faisal agreed to have the meeting at his church with Pastor Nadeem as the host, thanks to Pastor Shabaz, who negotiated an arrangement between these two pastors.

Before the meeting we all went over to one of Pastor Faisal’s elder’s homes, which is fairly close to the church, and we joined the elder and his family for tea. From there we went over to the church for the first meeting.

We had at least one hundred fifty (150), if not two hundred (200), people in attendance. It was a very powerful time. The worshippers did not disappoint. They had a man leading worship who was especially anointed. I preached a message about being a child of God from Romans 8, and it was a blessing to the congregation and to the pastors. Pastor Nadeem told me that was a message that was very relevant for Pakistan today, so that was affirmation. After the message I prayed once over all the people for healing and blessings, and I also did some individual prayer for people. We finished that service, and like normal but even worse because there were so many people, it was difficult getting out of the sanctuary to move on because everybody wanted to take pictures.

We finally got out and headed across to Pastor Shabaz’s church, the one that was built recently. We stopped at one of his elder’s homes, because it is very close to the church, and had an early dinner (or late lunch since we had not eaten yet). We had a good meal and fellowship there, and I got to meet all of the daughters and the wife of Pastor Shabaz.

We finished up there and went the rest of the way to Pastor Shabaz’s church. He had arranged for a healing service, so, of course I preached on healing. Again, we had anointed worship. There was an unusually long period of introduction and ceremonial shawl hangings. It took a lot longer than usual. I’m not sure why but they would take the flowers and things off of one person and put them on someone else. Anyway, I preached on healing, and then afterwards I had the worshippers play and I had the congregation begin to pray in the Spirit, and I began to pray in the Spirit. I went through and prayed for everyone in the congregation, and again, it was close to two hundred (200) people, so it took a little while to get through the crowd.

So, the services were powerful. The Holy Spirit was very strong amongst the people, especially in the second service. It was good to see Pastor Shabaz and meet his family, and to meet Pastor Nadeem and his family. It was a real blessing for me to be able to see them. Anyway, there are a ton of pictures. I have divided them as much as possible between the two meetings.


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