Pastor William Rashid’s Church

Last night we did a meeting for Pastor William Rashid. He is a Paraklesis Ministries pastor. He is the husband of Siara, who is in a vegetative state after being given the wrong medication following childbirth a few years ago. You may remember that we went to their home and prayed for Siara earlier in the trip. His home is very close to his other church, on the other side of the city, but this meeting was in his Youhanabad church. This is the church I preached in the last time I was in Pakistan.

It was a good service. There was good worship again. I preached on worship, about how true worship is so much more than just singing the songs that make us feel good on Sunday morning, and how it is really turning over every aspect of our lives to the Lord. It was very well received. In fact, Pastor Rashid said he was very blessed by it and asked if he could use the message. I said, of course, it wasn’t my message, it was God’s.

We prayed for a lot of people afterwards, and the most requested prayer was for women who wanted to have children. Several of the women have been married for a long time, one woman for twelve years, and still have not become pregnant. So, I prayed for them, and I expect to hear about several births within the year. This seems to be a recurring theme in this part of the country. In fact, I have prayed for several women during this trip who were asking for prayer to have a baby. But here it seemed like it was more concentrated.

Anyway, I prayed for Pastor William that he would have the strength to carry on. He and his wife, Siara, pastored the churches together before she had their last child. I know it has been difficult for him, not only to suddenly be caring for his wife and raising his children without her, but also to care for his church body without his wife, his partner. I prayed for him for strength and tried to encourage him.

After prayer we enjoyed a good meal and fellowship, as we have generally been able to do. Pictures attached.

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