Pizza Party!

Yesterday was a complete day of rest. There were no programs, and we were able to really rest. We slept late and we took naps. It was much needed. We did have a pizza party here last night. Believe it or not, here in Pakistan, we had a pizza party! Today we have a meeting and then tomorrow morning we leave for Faisalabad, so it was good to have a day of rest to recuperate and prepare for the next several days of meetings.

I have also been considering all the blessings that God has given me through these trips. Just seeing these men and women of God, and their actions. Seeing how much they love the Lord, and how hard they work, and how much of their lives they give to serving others and ministering the Gospel. It was just a blessing to me, and an inspiration to me, to see all that they do. They take care of me and they’re just so glad that I am here, but so am I because, even though it’s hard to be separated from my wife, the inspiration I get from these men and women is invaluable to me and to my ministry as well.

Since it is an off day and there are not a lot of pictures for today, you’ll also get pictures of the good food that I’ve been served while I’ve been here in Pakistan. Enjoy.

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