Isn’t It Amazing!

God blows me away. Now that the dust has settled on this year’s trips to India and Nepal and my personal clock has finally been reset to normal, I’ve had time to do some reflection. Not only to reflect on the awesome things God did while we were there but to see how God’s been working throughout the year and what He’s done since I was there last year.

This year we saw mighty moves of God in almost every service in Nepal. We saw lives changed, healings, deliverance from evil spirits, salvations, baptisms, people being slain in the Spirit. The churches in Nepal have been growing like wildfire since my visit last year. This, of course, has nothing to do with me but everything to do with God. I was able to be the catalyst because I was obedient and saying yes I’ll go. Since last year they have started five new congregations and their churches have grown by large numbers, making it difficult to find space to hold services.

The thing that has amazed me the most though, is to see how God answers faithful prayer. Since seeing the incredible need when I was there last year, we have been praying for God to send finances, supplies and workers to help win this region to Jesus ever since. Less than 1% of Nepal’s population is Christian. They need all the help we can give them. But as just one person, all I could do is pray. So together with Pastor Saroj and his family, we began praying everyday for God to supply those needs. My heart was so blessed to see God answer so many prayers while we were there. We were able to supply over 300 bibles, 5 bicycles and projection equipment to be used to show the Jesus movie across the region. But God went further. He made the inroads towards a bible training center to be established so that more men and women of God can be trained to pastor the increasing number of new Christians. We were able to establish a new division of  the MAJC in Nepal which will allow for more support in the future. To also see others catch on to the vision of what God is doing in Nepal and be willing to spread the word and create a conduit through which God can supply financial support for all that needs to be done there was overwhelming.

My heart is full and there are tears in my eyes to see God answer these prayers the way He has, all I can say is “Isn’t It Amazing!”