The Trouble With Travel

One of the great joys and blessings of having this ministry that God has given me is being able to travel and visit the ministers that God has given us to pray for and encourage. Being able to finally attach an actual person to a name on Facebook is great. I get the chance to be immersed in their culture, experience their cuisine (which I love), and get to know them better as a person. I truly get to experience their personality (something you can’t do on Facebook), meet their families and experience their worship. Best of all, I have the opportunity to minister along side them and watch them as they fulfill the vision God has given them for the call on their life.

An even greater bond is formed than the one already in place from our initial “cyber” relationship. I see their struggles, their hardships, their victories and their heart. We are able to solidify friendships that will truly last a lifetime.

It’s this bonding that creates the dilemma. That bond makes me want to see them again soon. I long to experience worshiping, ministering and being with each one more often. I suddenly want to visit each one every year. This creates a conflict because I have a family and a career (to put food on the table), that require most of my attention. I can only be gone 2 to 3 times a year, which makes visiting everyone impossible. Also, my desire to see each one is based on emotion and flesh.

My solution? I leave it up to God. In our planning each year, we pray and seek God as to where He would have us to go that year. Once the destinations are clear, we plan and take these trips. It takes the burden off of my humanity to choose which pastors to visit and keeps me safe. I wholeheartedly believe that if God sends me somewhere, He will protect me while I’m there. Also, because these are strong men and women of God, they understand and respect my decisions.

I praise God that I have brothers and sisters all over the world who love Jesus as much or more than I do. I wish I could be with them more but sticking to God’s plan ensures both my safety and maximum effectiveness when I do go.