God of Earth and Outer Space

Growing up in the church there were songs in our hymnal that I always thought were weird, unusable or just didn’t belong. One of those songs is entitled “God of Earth and Outer Space”. The tune wasn’t very singable and the lyrics seemed off the wall and very 70’s centric to me. Even during my service as the Minister of Music, with all the additional exposure to various types of music that brings, that song just didn’t seem to fit. But since starting Paraklesis Ministries and traveling to different places in the world, I’ve found a new admiration for that song. It still isn’t very singable and probably doesn’t belong in a hymn book, but the words are poignant and I’ve discovered in my travels that God truly is the “God of Earth and Outer Space”.

He is just as real and is moving just as mightily in India and in Africa as He is here in America. His people’s love for Him is just as tangible and just as fervent. The pastors there are tapping into the same power that we do here. He is just as necessary, just as revered and just as despised.

I am amazed and humbled by the servants of God around the world. They are often more active, more committed, and more faithful to God than we are, and yet they live in the midst of abject poverty and persecution, while we live in a land where we can still, at this point, worship God freely.

God has truly opened my eyes and I am honored and blessed to encourage and pray for these men and women of God as they carry out God’s vision for their respective countries. He is most definitely the “God of Earth and Outer Space”.

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