The Common Thread

What an incredible blessing and honor God has bestowed on me to have been able to travel to different parts of the world as His ambassador. I have been immersed in many different cultures that are so vastly different from my own. I have experienced the incredible hospitality of God’s people from Asia to Africa to Central America. Every place I’ve traveled has been fabulously unique from the food to the clothes, the customs to the culture.

In India, greeting you for the first time is a big production with flowers and leis etc… In Africa and Central America it’s much more subdued. In India, the people sit on the floor during worship and men are separate from women. The music is often simplistic. In Africa and Central America, everyone worships together and the music and harmonies are elaborate.

The thing that ties them all together is their love for Jesus. It’s exciting to know that no matter where you go, just like McDonald’s, it’s always the same. Whether they use a simple drum or an elaborate music set up, when God’s people start to worship Him, it’s the same amazing experience.

Never forget that no matter where you go, no matter how far away from home you travel, the love of God is always with you. Brothers and sisters who love Jesus just as much as you do are never far away. We’re all tied together with bonds that can never be broken because of that “Common Thread”.

2 thoughts on “The Common Thread

  1. Alisa Brown says:

    I really appreciate your commitment to missions! My prayer is that all God’s people will understand the foundational importance of missions. Bless you!!!

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