Welcome to Paraklesis Ministries – We’re so glad you found us!

We are a small international ministry who supports Christian pastors and ministers through prayer support, encouragement, and visits as God allows. Join us in our mission to serve others.

This is how it all began:

A few years ago while seeking God for guidance, I began to receive random friend requests on Facebook from pastors in other countries. People that I had absolutely no earlier connection with. I wondered how they found me. As I began chatting with these pastors, I started to notice a theme. The places these men and women were ministering in were hard, sometimes hostile places (like Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Haiti and Honduras). They were all just looking for someone to be their friend, their cheerleader, their encourager. And God was sending them to me. So I began to commit to praying for them and their ministries daily.  I had conversations with most of them every day. Many I still do. I have been able to encourage them in the Lord and help them continue moving forward. Certainly not by my wisdom, but with the words God gave me to speak to them.

Soon requests started coming in for me to come visit and spend time with them and encourage them in their ministry, and serve their flock with them. At this time God began formulating a vision in my head for a ministry of encouragement, prayer, and inspiration to these men and women of God in these countries where it is so difficult to serve.

And so, Paraklesis Ministries was born. Paraklesis is defined as ‘various forms of encouragement’ in the Greek language. In addition to praying for them daily and speaking with them often, I will visit them, minister to them, and serve beside them, as God leads. I ask for your prayers and support as we attempt to serve these valiant men and women of God, as they serve in their assigned fields.