August 2017 Trip to India

My trip to India this year was amazing once again. I was hoping and praying that the trip wasn’t going to continue like it started out. My GPS kept “re-routing” me through Atlanta to “avoid traffic” and “save time” and I almost missed my flight. It turned into a blessing, however, when everyone was seated Read More

God of Earth and Outer Space

Growing up in the church there were songs in our hymnal that I always thought were weird, unusable or just didn’t belong. One of those songs is entitled “God of Earth and Outer Space”. The tune wasn’t very singable and the lyrics seemed off the wall and very 70’s centric to me. Even during my Read More

The Common Thread

What an incredible blessing and honor God has bestowed on me to have been able to travel to different parts of the world as His ambassador. I have been immersed in many different cultures that are so vastly different from my own. I have experienced the incredible hospitality of God’s people from Asia to Africa Read More